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Welcome to HomeSpa Saunas

Located in Los Angeles California , Home Spa Saunas brings a healthier lifestyle to you through our state of the art therapeutic Infrared Saunas.

Our Mission began in 2005 when we sought to import the only the best Infrared Saunas to improve the lives of our friends and community. Your health and well-being is of great importance to us , so we use no harmful products in making our saunas. All of our saunas start with the finest Canadian Hemlock or Red Cedar that we can find, we then add our patented Wide Carbon Panel Infrared heaters and a high tech sauna structure. The end result is a sauna which is energy efficient and heats up faster than any other infrared sauna available.

Free Shipping on all Infrared Saunas

We currently provide fast and free delivery nationwide. As the leading sauna distributor in the Los Angeles area , we offer factory direct prices online which will save you up to 40% from retail. Southern California residents take advantage of both free home delivery and installation.

Patented Carbon Panel heating sytem

All Homespa Saunas utilize our far infra-red carbon fiber heating systems. These heating panels are made from a carbon nano-fiber which ensures the maximum heat exchange possible. This means not only do our saunas heat up faster than any other, they also save lots of power. For more info, please see our sauna technology or sauna features pages.

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We have a sauna for everyone and are eager to suite your needs.

Toll Free : 855-997-2862

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